How do I place an order for Cheng Crowns pediatric crowns?

  • You can place an order by phone, fax, or through our website ordering system.
  • For online orders, create an account and select your desired products.
  • For fax orders, follow the link below to download the order form, and submit it to us at 484-879-4249.
    Cheng Crowns Order Form

What are the ADA codes for Cheng Crowns pediatric crowns?

Cheng Crowns Classic:  D2934 – Prefabricated, aesthetic, coated stainless steel crowns – Primary tooth.

Cheng Crowns Zirconia: D2929 – Prefabricated porcelain/ceramic crowns – Primary tooth.

How should I sterilize Cheng Crowns?

Cheng Crowns Pre-veenered Classic Crowns: We recommend cold sterilization with hydrogen peroxide based sterilants (e.g. Revital-Ox, Sporox II) that are safer and less irritating than glutaraldehyde. Autoclave or chemiclave methods may compromise the integrity and color of the veneer, and thus should not be used.

Cheng Crowns Monolithic Ceramic Zirconia Crowns: Autoclave sterilization is recommended.

Are orders outside the continental US (Alaska, Hawaii) charged international shipping rates?

All orders to Canada will be shipped via UPS Standard® at a fixed rate of $18.00.  Orders to other foreign countries will be shipped express at a fixed rate of $56.00. Please contact us at 610-296-5525 or info@chengcrowns.com for other expedited shipping options and rates.

How does pre-crimping your crowns make them superior?

Our crowns for primary teeth are pre-crimped to increase retention and ensure a stronger and reliable fit to the tooth structure during cementing. Additional crimping on the lingual side of the crown can be performed as needed.

What is the best way to place one of your posterior crowns for primary teeth?

Cheng Crowns correspond to 3M Unitek® stainless steel crown sizes. Determine your patients’ tooth size with a 3M Unitek crown prior to use of Cheng Crowns to eliminate the need for unnecessary loading and re-sterilization. Posterior crowns may require a more aggressive prepping of the tooth structure for better fit.

How do I ship crowns to you?

Simply download our USPS First Class® business reply label here, affix it to any rigid box (not a plain envelope or bubbled envelope), and drop the box at any post office station. Any crowns shipped otherwise, and damaged during shipment, will be subject to fee.

Unused crowns returned to us for size exchanges may be subject to a return shipping fee.