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The Zirconia Crowns Dentists Trust
Now in a New Streamlined Narrow Design

Beautiful. Functional. Durable. And easy to place.

Our Narrow Zirconia Posterior Crowns provide the unmatched aesthetics, superior retention and reduced tooth preparation that you have come to expect from Cheng Crowns Zirconia—now in a streamlined new design that saves millimeters in tight spaces.
Narrow Zirconia Posterior Crowns for Primary Teeth

Our Narrow Zirconia Posterior Crowns Feature:

narrow sides on aesthetic posterior crowns for primary teeth
Scaled-down Sides

crimp-lock on pediatric zirconia crowns
Crimp Lock Feature

Featuring a simulated crimp, Cheng Crowns Narrow Zirconia Posterior are designed for superior retention. A knife-edge (0.2mm) margin, with just the right amount of undercut, provides a more natural emergence profile along with ease of crown seating. The intaglio surfaces are also treated to guarantee long-term clinical success.

strong thin zirconia pedo crowns
Unsurpassed Strength

A unique zirconia formulation and sintering process gives our crowns the highest flexural strength rating of any pediatric crown. Our narrow zirconia crowns are more durable than natural enamel.

natural looking zirconium crowns in pediatric dentistry
Natural Appearance

All our zirconia crowns are designed to maximize aesthetics and simulate the look of natural teeth while minimizing wear at occlusal contacts and reducing plaque buildup at the margins. Our zirconia crowns have a satin finish on the facial and a mirror-like quality on the lingual and margins.

larger internal cavity on prefabricated zirconia crowns for primary teeth
Large Internal Cavity



Narrow Zirconia Posterior Crowns

For pediatric cases with crowding or a young patient who requires multiple crowns, Cheng Crowns Narrow Zirconia Posterior are designed to provide a perfect fit without sacrificing flexural strength, ease of placement, or aesthetics. Like all our pediatric zirconia crowns, these precision-milled pediatric crowns are biocompatible, autoclavable, and more durable than natural enamel. They are available in regular and extra light shades for a natural look. And when it comes to translucency, ours are the closest to the real thing—without dentin show through—for an appearance that will make your patients smile.

Pediatric Ceramic Zirconia Crowns


Clinical Use

Pediatric Ceramic Zirconia Crowns

Narrow Zirconia Posterior Crowns – Posterior Crowns ($27.00 EACH)

Pediatric Zirconia Crowns- First Primary Molars

First Primary Molars
Left & Right, Upper & Lower
Regular & Extra Light
Sizes 2-7

Pediatric Zirconia Crowns- Second Primary Molars

Second Primary Molars
Left & Right, Upper & Lower
Regular & Extra Light
Sizes 2-7

Pediatric Crown Kits

Cheng Crowns Narrow Zirconia Posterior Pediatric kits are available to first-time ordering customers and can be purchased on a 60-day trial basis. Save up to 20% on zirconia crown kits.