crowns on baby teeth necessary – pediatric dental crown procedure for children

What are Pediatric Crowns? Are Crowns on Baby Teeth Necessary?

Pediatric crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that are placed over a child’s existing teeth to restore their original shape, size, strength and appearance. Crowns for primary teeth are mainly used for the restoration of decayed, discolored, misshapen or broken teeth.

Sometimes when a dentist removes significant tooth decay or performs a nerve treatment for a child patient, he or she will recommend capping the child’s affected teeth with pediatric crowns. More durable than fillings, these crowns protect the child’s teeth against breaks and fractures until they are replaced by adult teeth. This procedure can seem like a big step at first, but with great crowns and a great dentist, it is a wonderful long-term solution to restore a child’s smile. Parents should know, however, that not all crowns for children’s teeth are created equal.

How do you know if your child is getting great crowns from a great dentist? That’s where Cheng Crowns can help. When dentists choose Cheng Crowns for their practice, they are showing their commitment to giving your child the most beautiful, healthy smile possible with the best pediatric crowns in the industry.

Cheng Crowns invented prefabricated aesthetic pediatric crowns with white resin facings over 30 years ago, pioneering the field of natural-looking restorations for children. They have been leaders and innovators in this field ever since, and they now offer two types of pediatric crowns.

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Cheng Crowns classics pediatric crowns – white crowns on toddler teeth

Cheng Crowns Classics are the original natural-looking pediatric crowns that improved the look of the stainless steel crowns that most of today’s parents grew up with. Their white facings give them the look of real, beautiful teeth, and their sturdy stainless-steel body makes them strong and long-lasting.

With a natural appearance and outstanding durability, these dental crowns are truly the best of both worlds.

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Cheng Crowns zirconia pediatric crowns - childrens natural looking tooth crown

Cheng Crowns Zirconia are the newest pediatric crowns on the market. They are quickly becoming the industry standard for children’s natural-looking dental crowns because of their outstanding strength and appearance.

Like Cheng Crowns Classics, Cheng Crowns Zirconia are engineered the right way, with only the best materials and the finest craftsmanship.

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There’s more than meets the eye with these crowns, though. Read on to learn how Cheng Crowns are designed for a short procedure, exceptional durability, and a natural appearance.

Short Procedure Times

Cheng Crowns designs both of its crown types for ease of use by dentists. The Cheng Crowns Classic has a thin, pre-contoured shape that makes it easier to put on children’s teeth, and the Cheng Crowns Zirconia requires minimal preparation before it can be placed by the dentist. All of these things minimize the amount of time that your child has to spend in the dental office when he or she gets crowns.

white caps for baby teeth - strongest pediatric crowns

Exceptional Durability

Dentists rave about the durability of Cheng Crowns.

The Cheng Crowns Classic has an exclusive gripping design that holds on snugly to teeth, ensuring that the crown will stay on a tooth until it is replaced by an adult tooth.

Laboratory tests have also found that the Cheng Crowns Classic is stronger than its competition, allowing it to better withstand the wear and tear of childhood life.

The Cheng Crowns Zirconia displays considerable strength as well, with the highest flexural strength rating in the industry.

With stronger, better-gripping crowns, your child can avoid repeat crown procedures, and you can avoid wasting money.

white crowns on toddler teeth – most natural-looking pediatric crowns

A Natural Appearance

Cheng Crowns Classics and Cheng Crowns Zirconia have a beautiful, natural appearance that stays brilliant even after many years. The Cheng Crowns Classic achieves this with dimensional shading, which gives it a special gloss and translucency, and outstanding stain resistance.

In fact, the Cheng Crowns Classic has been shown to be the most natural in color and the most resistant to discoloration among competing pediatric crowns in laboratory tests.

Cheng Crowns Zirconia share this natural appearance, with life-like translucency that has none of the ‘dark stump’ look that can be a problem with some zirconia crowns. These crowns’ polishing also gives them a beautiful smoothness that prevents plaque buildup.

Dentists, parents, and children all love the smiles they get with Cheng Crowns.