I've had the opportunity to work with multiple companies' zirconia crowns. In my opinion, Cheng Crowns have a more natural appearance and shade, especially when placing adjacent to natural dentition.

Dr. Lance Cheng, DDS

Gainesville, VA

I had a child in with dentinogenesis imperfecta, a genetic condition in the primary and adult dentitions that has discolored dentin and no bonding between dentin and enamel. This child had heavy attrition and no way to bond composites. I placed your zirconium crowns on the upper anteriors for esthetics and posterior crowns to preserve vertical dimension. A year later she looks great and the crowns held up beautifully. This is a testament to Cheng Crown workmanship and bonding ability.

Dr. Greg Evans, DDS

Fort Collins, CO

I have loved using Cheng Crowns -- they look great!

Dr. Jonathan Mitchell, DMD, PhD, MSD

Rock Hill, SC

You guys are amazing! I have been using your esthetic crowns for many years. Recently, you surprised me when you repaired the ones I chipped at NO CHARGE. I always try to use the regular SSC for a try in, but I still managed to chip those. Actually, 6 "chippers" in all these years is not too bad, I suppose. Thank you for the great service. It was a nice surprise. I am used to getting the short end of the stick from insurance companies, dental manufacturers and supply companies. However, Cheng Crowns beats 'em all in my book! Thanks again! I am looking forward to my next order and hoping for many more in the future.

Dr. Whitney Shelton, DDS

Huntsville, AL

Finding a product specialized for pediatric dentistry that is durable and visually pleasing is hard to find. Fortunately with [Cheng Crowns] we are pleased to say we have found such a product. We have been amazed with the durability and craftsmanship of both the posterior resin crowns and anterior resin window crowns. Parents are pleased with the realistic and natural look. Our office experimented with different white posterior crowns, and has not been impressed with any other product.

Dr. James H. Bekker, DMD

Sandy, UT

I first learned of Cheng Crowns from another pediatric dentist who was using them and recommended I try them. I did, and I loved them! The technique that the Cheng Crowns uses really minimizes any trauma or damage to the facing. It's reliable in that you don't worry about the facings coming off, which can be a problem with other manufacturers. The best thing I can say is that when we use them, we don't worry about them. I wish I could say that about everything we do. Their service has really been remarkable. We order a lot of crowns at a time. They're never on back order.

Dr. David A. Bresler, DDS

Philadelphia, PA

I have been using your Cheng Crowns in our pediatric office for nearly 12 years now. I tried several brands of composite-veneered stainless steel crowns and found your crowns to be my favorite. Why? Cheng Crowns are consistent in shade, size, and quality; they are durable; and Cheng Crowns look good. I have also been pleased with your customer service - prompt delivery, accurate billing, and good support.

Dr. Aaron A. Christensen, DMD

Ogden, UT

I've tried them all, but your crowns are the best

Dr. Tim Fagan, DDS, MS

Enid, OK

Your products are fantastic! I have used four types (brands) at various facilities and I now use only one brand - yours. Cosmetics, fit, and customer service are second to none. When other facings fail, yours do not. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Val Joseph Cheever, D.D.S, MS

Salt Lake City, UT

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your Cheng Crowns. They are easy to work with, are aesthetically pleasing, and they wear well. Parents are very happy with the appearance of their children's new smiles. We also appreciate the exceptional service of your laboratory. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Goldenberg, DDS

West Bloomfield, MI

We're happy with Cheng Crowns. Their best feature is that they fit well - we don't have to adjust the crowns at all.

Dr. Jay Goldsleger, DDS

King of Prussia, PA

We have been using your pediatric Cheng Crowns now for more than 25 years. The newest have been the most color stable and chip proof yet. We have excellent parental acceptance, and even the toddlers like showing off their new smiles. The metal inner shell is perfect for subgingival placement in teeth with extensive decay. The formation allowing us to crimp the palatal for better fit is ideal.

Dr. Arthur Fields, DDS

Hamilton Square, NJ

Cheng Crowns have allowed me to offer a high quality, aesthetic full coverage restoration which helps relieve parent guilt and maintain my young patients' developing self esteem. I have heard on more than one occasion "she smiles all the time now and shows everyone her white teeth."

Dr. Weston W. Heringer III, DMD

Salem, OR

[Cheng Crowns] far exceeded my expectations for use and handling. I have tried several similar crown types and yours are much more superior in my opinion. Parents are delighted with the way they look and I'm happy because I rarely have to replace one.

Dr. William J. Kemp, DDS

Amarillo, TX

I have used Cheng Crowns in my Pediatric Dental Practice since 1990 for the following reasons: 1. Cheng Crowns have good color and aesthetic value. 2. Cheng facing can be applied to crowns that I have precrimped and contoured. 3. Cheng Laboratory stands by their facings. If a facing breaks off or is chipped off by the patient, I send it back to Cheng with a new precut crowns and they replace the facing at no additional cost to me. They don't "screw" around with me. 4. Cheng Crowns have improved through the years. The color of the facing maintains itself. The strength of the facing to the crown has improved. 5. Cheng Laboratory is quick about sending my precrimped crowns back to me. I don't believe they have ever gotten my order mixed up. I always feel I get the same crowns back that I send in. 6. Cheng Laboratory is good about notifying me of their holiday schedule ahead of the time so I can plan my crown shipment.

Dr. Weston W. Heringer, Jr., DMD

Salem, OR

After trying other brands as they have come to market the overall consistency, ease of use and mainly, the durability of your crowns has brought me back many times over. It is always a pleasure to find a stable and consistent product in today's ever-changing dental market. I had, and have, tried nearly every other technique since 1990 when I specialized in children. From straight stainless steel crowns with cutout facings to solid "artglass" or strip crowns, I spent countless hours in frustration repairing the work I had done so meticulously only to have it break, stain or fall off. That and having to explain to parents that it was "the best we have right now" left me frustrated to no end. Then in 1992 I ran into Cheng Crowns at a conference and decided, once again, to "give it a try". I have never been happier about a decision for my patients and myself. I found a product that was so easy to place that I felt I could offer them to my regular patients as an option to multi-surface composites and not just to my sedation and O.R. rehabilitation patients. Better yet, they were still there and still looked good at their six-month recall appointment. Peter, your constant improvement, excellent quality control and the high standards you set for your product sets the Cheng Crown apart from all your competitors for overall consistency of color, esthetics and for durability. I look forward to use your products for years to come.

Dr. J. Kyle House, DDS

Hood River, OR

I have placed thousands of Cheng Crowns. Their color stability, crimp-ability, and resistance to cracking and peeling beats all of the other crowns!

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, D.D.S

Albany, NY

I have been using Cheng Crowns in my pediatric dental practice for the last 22-23 years. The esthetics of the crowns is very good. I hear many comments from parents at recare visits that most people can't even tell that their child has crowns on their front teeth.

Dr. J. Britt McCarty, DDS

Meridian, MS

I have been a loyal customer since June 1989. What a blessing these crowns have been. The chair time for the patient is half the time when I use to cut out the facings of a steel crown and place composites. Peter Cheng's anterior crowns are very durable and most aesthetic. The parents of my patients are very thrilled with them! My partner, Adam M. Pollock, DDS, has been working with these crowns since he joined my practice in September 1999. He, too, feels that these crowns are a blessing! Peter Cheng is very prompt sending us our orders when needed. If you have a problem, he will back his work. I highly recommend these crowns for your children.

Dr. Nick J. Limbert (Retired), DDS

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I learned how to use Cheng Crowns in residency from other doctors. If you know how to use them, they're super easy. And Cheng Crowns last - usually until the baby teeth fall out. They've made my life a lot easier. Cheng Crowns' crowns just look better when we're done installing them. They are a little bit shorter than the other crowns and they look more natural - as natural as we can get with pediatric crowns. They're great!

Dr. Clark Romney, DMD

Salt Lake City, UT

I wanted to thank you for the quality esthetic crowns that you produce. I have tried many different brands and have found yours to be the most esthetic and durable. Thank you for making my job easier and more enjoyable.

Dr. David Stewart, DDS

South Jordan, UT

I began using Cheng Crowns about 9 years ago. At that time I was 11 years into my practice, and used composites to treat decayed teeth. But they just didn't last. So, when we switched to Cheng Crowns, we switched our whole method of operating with these teeth - we were able to save a lot of teeth for which we used to recommend extraction. We read about Cheng Crowns in a journal, tried them and liked them. We also tried NuSmile, but found that the retention with Cheng Crowns was far superior. We have had similar success stories with molar crowns. I estimate placing 400-500 crowns per month.

Dr. Kenneth M. Simckes, DMD

Monsey, NY

One of the best events of my long dental career (about 40 years) was when I discovered the white pedo anterior crowns made by Mr. Cheng. I have been searching for such a good dependable crown forever. I have tried all the other types — polycarbonate, variations on the polycarbonate strip crowns, open-faced stainless steel crowns, and others. I even tried doing cast PFM's and having my lab put artglass on the stainless crowns that I had pre fit. None of these crowns or techniques worked worth a darn. Mr. Cheng's crowns are by far the best. They don't come off, they look good, and they are by far the easiest ones to place. I like them, and best of all, the patients and the parents like them — they look good!!!

Dr. David H. Ward, DDS

Santa Ana, CA