Cheng Crowns Pre-veneered Stainless Steel Crowns - The Original Aesthetic Pediatric Crown

Classic Pre-Veneered Pediatric Crowns

Introduced in 1987 as the world’s first aesthetic pediatric crown, dozens of innovations and no fewer than 18 steps go into handcrafting each crown today. The result of our meticulous attention to detail is a resin-veneered stainless steel crown unsurpassed in quality, aesthetics, and durability.

Cheng Crowns are the only pediatric crowns that employ both a metal-reinforced substructure and advanced surface bonding treatments – all to ensure that our veneers last.

Visit our online store to purchase Cheng Crowns Classic crowns, or visit our 60-day trial page to learn about our 60-day money-back guarantee for Pediatric Crown Kits. Pediatric Crown Kits are available to new customers only.


Stainless Steel Pediatric Crowns with Classic Metal-Reinforced Substructure

Pre-Veneered Stainless Steel Crowns for Children

Thin, Pre-Contoured Veneers

Pre-contoured and incredibly thin all-around, our aesthetic veneers are designed to maximize ease of tooth placement and minimize patient chair time.

Exclusive Retentive Pre-Crimping on White Stainless Steel Crowns

Exclusive Retentive Pre-Crimping

Cheng Crowns are the only prediatric crowns that have both pre-crimped margins and etched interiors to maximize adhesion.

Dimension Shading on Stainless Steel Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry

Dimensional Shading

Our exclusive glazes add both gloss and depth to the otherwise flat-looking veneers of our competitors’ pre-veneered pediatric stainless steel crowns.

Most Color Stable Pediatric Stainless Steel Crowns with white facings

Our quality fine-grained resins and durable glazes ensure unmatched resistance to discoloration.

Strongest Prefabricated Stainless Steel Crown in Competitive Testing

In a lab test, Cheng Crowns resisted more than 100 lbs of shearing force before becoming deformed, 18% stronger than its closest competitor.

Most Natural Color for Stainless Steel Crowns for Children’s Teeth

Independent studies and real world testimonials support that the veneers on our pediatric stainless steel crowns are closest to the real thing.

Cheng Crowns Classic – Anteriors Crowns ($20.00 EACH)

Stainless Steel Anterior Crowns for Primary Teeth - Centrals

Left & Right
Sizes 1-6

Anterior Stainless Steel Lateral Crowns for Pediatric Dentistry

Left & Right
Sizes 1-6

Stainless Steel Pediatric Crowns Anterior - Cuspids

Upper & Lower
Sizes 1-6

Pediatric Crown Kits

Cheng Crowns pre-veneered pediatric stainless steel crown pediatric crown kits are available to first-time ordering customers and can be purchased on a 60-day trial basis.

Additional Services

Our laboratory also offers custom veneering of pediatric stainless steel crowns.  Simply provide us your crowns and we will apply our resin-based facing at a price of $17.50 each (call for pricing on posterior stainless steel crowns). Please contact us for more information.