Cheng Crowns Classic : stainless steel pediatric crowns with white resin facingsCheng Crowns Zirconia: durable precision-milled monolithic zirconia crowns for children

Our Pediatric Crowns

Every dental practice or clinical setting presents a unique set of requirements for dental restoration. At Cheng Crowns, we are happy to offer two complementary products for pediatric dentistry – each offering unique advantages – to meet those needs. Whether it be the time-tested resin-veneered stainless steel pediatric crowns that are fast to place, or the state-of-the-art all-ceramic zirconia pediatric crowns that are the most natural-looking yet, we are confident that our crowns will exceed your expectations for aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

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Cheng Crowns Classic resin-veneered stainless steel crowns for primary teeth and Zirconia Pediatric Crowns


Cheng Crowns Classic Cheng Crowns Zirconia
Crown Type resin-veneered stainless steel monolithic ceramic
Finish glazed polished
Durability excellent virtually indestructible
Biocompatibility good* excellent
Translucency low moderate
Margins pre-crimped simulated crimping
Crimpable yes no
Sterilization Method cold sterilization autoclave
Wear on Opposing Teeth none ultra-low**

* stainless steel crowns should be avoided in patients with nickel allergies
** mirror-polished occlusal surfaces minimize wear